Tourism & Criminals

Seberang Prai, Penang, is banking in on eco-tourism to attract more visitors.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said there was huge potential for Seberang Prai to be an eco-tourism destination for the region.

“With an eco-tourism product, Penang will become a major destination for visitors due to its diversity,” he said at the opening of the Eco-Tourism Forum to discuss Seberang Prai’s potential today in Seberang Jaya.

Among the potential destinations in Seberang Prai are the Air Hitam Dalam recreation area in Lahar Yooi, and the mangrove forest in Kuala Bekah, Penaga.
Lim said areas like these in northern Seberang Prai had become an attraction to bird watchers, such as those from Japan and South Korea. These areas have a high concentration of migratory water birds and egrets every year.

“Another area is Teluk Air Tawar-Kuala Muda beach. It is an important spot for migratory birds. This is where bird watchers may get to see rare species of birds.”

Lim added that if locations like these were actively promoted as eco-tourism attractions, Seberang Prai would be able to draw nature lovers from all over the world.

Tourism is big business in Penang, especially with George Town listed as a Unesco world heritage site, but to date this business has been mostly restricted to the island. – December 14, 2015..

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More closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will be installed in Penang next year as the device has proven to be a boon in law enforcement.

The CCTVs have assisted the police in preventing and solving criminal cases in the state, says Penang police chief Datuk Seri Abdul Rahim Hanafi.

He said to date, there were 275 CCTVs in the state, including 189 on the island.

“After discussions with consultants and the state government, a decision has been made to increase the number of CCTVs next year, as they have been effective in preventing and solving criminal cases.
“They have also been useful in maintaining peace and traffic flow as all the CCTVs are monitored round-the-clock by the Penang police contingent operations room,” he told reporters after the monthly gathering of the state police personnel in George Town yesterday.

Rahim said between January and November, at least eight criminal and traffic cases were solved using CCTV recordings.

Meanwhile, Rahim said the crime index in Penang this year, up to December 12, fell by 911 cases, or 11.3%, compared to the same period last year.

He added that the number of criminal cases last year was 8,064, in comparison to 7,154 this year.

Earlier at the event, Rahim said 28 Honda CBR 250cc motorcycles would be distributed to five districts in Penang for use in crime prevention patrols.

“Each district will get five motorcycles and three more will be for the use of the state contingent headquarters.” – Bernama, December 15, 2015.

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Safety can be one of the concerns for the tourists when they are going to travel. Installing of CCTV promotes the safety of the city. It will attracts more tourists to travel in Penang. Since there is no budget will be given to Penang, promoting in tourism sector can be a very strategic move to increase their income to improve the city.


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